Message from Honorary Co-Chairs

Toward a National Digital Infrastructure in support of research, education and innovation in Canada


Honorary Summit Co-Chair

Dr. David Barnard

Dr. Chad Gaffield

On June 13 and 14, 75 leaders from across Canada will convene in Toronto with a singular goal in mind: to sow the seeds for a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable digital infrastructure across Canada, making it easier for researchers to research and effectively compete on the international stage. It’s time we put Canada’s researchers first.

We are a committed group of representatives from government, granting agencies, the research community, universities and organizations responsible for various components of digital infrastructure for research, education and innovation in Canada.

Digital Infrastructure Summit 2012 will help us to accelerate the dialogue, establish a vision, identify a specific action plan – and together make a commitment to act on behalf of our researchers, students and partners.

We’re up for the challenge.

See you in Toronto!

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